Seagull nebula, March 5, 2021

-Samyang 135mm f/2.0 ED UMC Canon EF
-Sky-Watcher AZ-GTi mount
-Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer EQ wedge
-Deepsky H-alpha 12 nm filter 1.25″
-MEADE Deep Sky Imager IV camera
Stacking 36 frames per 30s, false color.
Location: Russia, Anapa, backyard.
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School USSR refractors. The path of “perfection”

The author of the article is Alexey Petsyk, an astronomy lover from Moscow.
The material was published on the website at the personal request of the author of the article.
All rights to text and illustrations belong to Alexey Petsyk.
The author of the translation into English is Ruslan Ilnitsky
Translator’s note is in italics.

Perfect is the worst enemy of Good Enough!

But if we pick up … a telescope and look at the sky
with an assisted sight, we will see two stars,
three stars, four stars …
Best of all, of course, five stars!


Chapter 1

Small school refractor

Small School Refractor (MShR) RTM-60 - modifications

Small School Refractor (MShR) RTM-60 – modifications

After completing work on the history of the School meniscus telescopes of the USSR, somehow it turned out by itself that I was interested in school refractors of which in the USSR, as everyone knows, 2 types were produced – Large Small school refractor (Bol’shoy Shkol’nyy Refraktor  – BShR) and Small School Refractor (Malyy Shkol’nyy Refraktor – MShR).
It would seem that there is not much to collect here – well, there are two – but this turned out to be true only at first glance. Having dealt with the topic more closely, I found out that the MShR was produced in at least 6 modifications (and the BShR – probably more, until I counted seven), and the development did not go as expected “from simple to complex”, but for some reason the other way around, with what something with an increasing degree of simplification. This article is devoted to the description of the history of the release and “improvement” of the MShR.
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Colorful Moon, April 1, 2021 01:30

Colorful Moon, April 1, 2021 01:30

Colorful Moon, April 1, 2021 01:30

-telescope Celestron Omni XLT 127
Sky-Watcher AZ-GTi mount
-Antares f6.3 reducer
-filter ZWO IR-cut
-camera ZWO ASI183MC.
Stacking of 100 frames from 1470 with Autostakkert.
Scale 50%.  Fullsizeat link.
Location: Russia, Anapa, backyard.