Sun in the continuum (540 nm) and the H-alpha, May 7, 2019.

GIF solar continuum and h-alpha

Based on recent images of the Sun, I made an animation of two images – at a wavelength of 540 nm and 656.28 nm.
The first picture was obtained using a Baader Solar Continuum 540 nm filter. This is a narrow-band filter of green color, well distinguishes solar granulation and flare fields. It is especially useful when shooting the Sun with achromatic refractors, as it cuts off chromatism. Used ONLY in conjunction with a protective aperture filter, in this case with Baader AstroSolar Photo. For shooting, I recommend using a monochrome camera. When shooting with a color camera, it is better to use only the green channel.

The second image was taken with the Coronado PST H-alpha 40 mm chromospheric telescope in conjunction with the achromatic Celestron 102 SLT refractor. Very interesting and very dynamic processes can be observed in the hydrogen line on the Sun – solar flares, emissions, prominences and fibers. The spots in the hydrogen line look different. For shooting in the line of hydrogen, you must use filters with a very narrow bandwidth – less than 1 nm. The usual narrow-band hydrogen filter with a band from 12 to 3 nm, designed for shooting hydrogen nebulae, is not suitable for shooting the Sun. It is necessary to use either the Coronado PST H-alpha special-purpose solar telescope (Lunt H-alpha), or the Quark H-alpha special eyepiece. It should be noted that the colors are conditional. The Solar continuum filter is green, and the Sun through the Coronado PST H-alpha telescope is carrot-orange, as in the picture.

1st image, May 7, 2019, 10:33..
-filter Baader Astrosolar Photo
-telescope Celestron NexStar 8 SE
-filter Baader Solar Continuum
-camera QHY5III178m.

2nd image, May 7, 2019, 11:19.
-telescope Celestron 102 SLT
-homal lens NPZ
-telescope Coronado PST H-alpha 40 mm
-filter Deepsky IR-cut
-camera QHY5III178m
-mount Celestron Nexstar SE.

Location: Russia, Anapa, backyard.

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