Astrophotography manuals. How to capture the space

All links in bold are translated into English.

Moon, planets, ISS

FAQ about lunar and planetary astrophotography
How to choose a Barlow lens?
A Guide to Planetary Imaging & Processing
A Guide to Lunar-Solar Imaging & Processing
SharpCap: A software for recording data from astronomical cameras
Saturn July 6, 2015 – video for training
WinJUPOS – derotation of color images
Processing video of Jupiter
Recommendations for daytime photography of planets
Video tutorial “Colorful moon”
Saturn video processing
Building gif animation using the PIPP program
Recommendations for capturing the International Space Station (ISS)
Removing a pixel grid from an image using Pixel FFT. Image of the Moon from the LRO satellite.
Stitching a lunar panorama with Microsoft ICE software
False color: how to Make a “daytime” Moon from a monochrome Image with Adobe Photoshop

Observing and photographing the Sun
Lacerta Herschel wedge 1.25″
Processing of a video of the Sun obtained using the ZWO 183MC color astro camera
Coronado PST H-alpha 40 mm

Landscape astrophotography and auroras
How to capture the aurora

Deepsky astrophotography (galaxies, nebulae, star clusters)
Long exposure astrophotography
How to use an optical pole finder?
Deep-sky photography with a camera and tracker. Step by step guide.
Removing stars from an image using StarNet++
Capturing nebulae with a light pollution filter
Removing diagonal noise (“broom”) using the Fixel FFT plugin
ImageJ – “Remove Outlies” functions
Calibrating images from a color camera in PIPP
Stacking of color images in Fitswork
Video tutorial: processing the planetary nebula NGC 6826 “Blinking”.
Removing chromatism in astrophotography

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