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Svbony provided Svbony SV503 80ED F7 Doublet Refractor for my review. This is a small 80mm refractor with a doublet lens, one of which is made of S-FPL51 glass. The use of ED glass provides a significant reduction in color halo (longitudinal chromatic aberration) around bright objects compared to a classic achromatic refractor with the same focal length. Also for review, I received a native Svbony SV193 0.8x field-flattener reducer for this specific refractor.

Declared specifications:

Model SV503
Aperture of objective lens 80mm
Focal length 560 mm
Focal ratio F7
ED Glass S-FPL51
Lens Coated Ultra-wideband coating(SMC)
Objective Lens type Double separation lens structure
Limit magnitude 11.6
Light-gathering Power 130.6x
Resolution 1.5 Arcseconds
Tube Material Aluminum
Focuser 2 inch Dual speed focuser
Reduction ratio 1:10

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