The problem of urban illumination is becoming more and more important every year – new houses, new roads, illumination, thoughtless design of urban lighting lead to the fact that the sky turns into a solid orange canvas, and because of the bright background it is impossible to capture even bright nebulae. The situation changed dramatically after the appearance of specialized light pollution suppressor filters for astrophotography. The use of interference coatings made it possible to cut off unnecessary regions of the spectrum — for example, the emission lines of mercury and sodium lamps, and to transmit the regions of interest — emission lines of hydrogen and oxygen.

There are several varieties of  light pollution filters — broadband and narrowband. In broadband filters include CLS (City Light Suppression), LPR (Light Pollution Reduction), UHC (Ultra High Contrast), UHC-S. They may be under different brands, but they have one task – to weaken the illumination of city. The UHC bandwidth is narrower in the green area, they are more suitable for heavily exposed areas, but it’s harder to get the corrent white balance. The usual bandwidth in the green region is from 20 to 75 nm. The narrower the filter, the darker the background is. Also, CLS \ UHC filters can pass the red region of the spectrum – this is not important for visual observation, but it is very important for photography, since the emission line of hydrogen nebulae (H-alpha) is in that area.


Perhaps there are not enough people left who have not heard about Aliexpress. The largest Internet site where you can find almost everything – from toothpicks to an airplane wing. Of course, there are also astronomical products there, and even taking into account the delivery, the cost of this or that accessory is less than what it costs in local stores. In this topic, I will try to make a list of interesting astronomical products, useful for amateur astronomers – both beginner and experienced. On aliexpress, I mainly buy small things – eyepieces, mounting plates, lights, adapter rings and much more. When buying, try to choose China Post Registered Air Mail delivery, or ePacket, even if it is paid – such packages are correctly tracked and reach faster.

Warning: I do not bear responsibility for the defective goods and can not vouch for sellers. Carefully read the reviews for the product and choose a seller with a good reputation. But even if an unqualified product arrives or with defects, for these cases there is a “dispute” with the seller (“disput”), during which you can partially or even fully return the money for goods of inadequate quality. It is advisable to remove the unpacking of the parcel on video, so that you can then make a complaint. I also recommend specifying in the comments to the order that the seller check the goods before shipping (for example, “Please check the goods before shipping. There should be no defects”.)
Enjoy the shopping!

New interesting products will be added on top.


Svbony SV182 6×30 right angle finder
Lightweight, compact, good image and most importantly, completely right image. An erecting 90-degree prism is used to break the optical axis. Recommend!

SVBONY SV182 6x30 finder

SVBONY SV182 6×30 finder


Short cheshire eyepiece. Designed for aligning mirror telescopes. Fully metallic. The quality is excellent. Recommend!

TMB eyepieces with 4 and 6 mm focal length.  Inexpensive eyepieces with long eye relief and good image quality across the field. Recommend!

Finderscope Bracket for 3 finders. Completely metal, high quality. Several finders + guider can be fixed at the same time. Recommend!
Light pollution filter Optolong L-eNhance clip Canon EOS. Designed for APS-C Canon DSLR. Perfectly reduce light pollution, passes H-alpha, OIII and H-beta. Strongly recommend!
Optolong L-eNhance 1.25″ version.
Medium Dovetail Clamp With a Brass Screws. Metal, with a special clamping mechanism. Lots of mounting holes.

Coma corrector SharpStar 0.95x. Suitable for sensors up to APS-C format. Perfectly corrects coma, does not add spherical aberration. At the exit he has a thread M48x0.75, do not forget to get a correct ring. Recommend!

Focal Length Extension Tube Kits М42х0.75 3/5/7/10/12/15/20/30 mm thick. Metal, workmanship is excellent. Useful for selecting the focal length of an astronomical camera. Recommend!

Light pollution filter Optolong L-Pro clip Canon EOS (for APS-C cameras).

Optolong L-Pro

Filter for astrophotography. It accurately cuts off the light pollution, introducing minimal changes in the color balance. Suitable for capturing nebulae and objects of stellar nature – galaxies, clusters.
You can buy the filter L-Pro in the official Optolong store.


Svbony Adapter M48-1.25″, T2-1.25″, 2″-1.25″ (optional) with quick-release soft clip. Does not leave scratches and damage on the installed accessories. Budget analog of adapter Baader ClickLock. Fixes firmly and securely. I ordered this myself for mounting the QHY5III178m camera, as there is the slope of the sensor plane with a conventional adapter.

Svbony adapter T2 M48 2 to 1.25

Lightweight, compact, metal tripod Q999. I use it with a Sky-Watcher Adventurer mount and lenses with a focal length of up to 50 mm. For a 135 mm focus, preferably a tripod is stronger, but if you take a hike, where every gram of weight is important, then this one will do. Suitable also for small binoculars and spotting scopes. One of the legs is unscrewed and can work as a monopod. Includes a bag and a good ball head. Recommend!

QZSD Beike Q999

QZSD Beike Q999

Carbon version (Q999C)
Smaller version (Q666)


Flexible EL-lamp 10×10 for flat box. A useful thing for shooting frames of a flat field (flat). I chose USB powered 5 Volt, the color White, but in practice the lamp is still bluish. Light uniform. Beeps when used, but does not annoy me.
EL-lamp USB 5V aliexpress

Spectrum of EL-lamp



Pocket prism spectroscope. Inexpensive plastic, but works well for its price. Suitable for testing astronomical filters. The case outside is better to glue the black opaque film, so that there is no parasitic flare. The gap is narrow (this is good). There is no enlightenment (and not really needed). Easy to understand, can be upgraded.
Mini spectroscope
I bought it from this seller with the delivery of an e-packet, I got it from China in 16 days.
My review:

Astronomical T7 camera. There is a version with a color matrix (T7c), is with monochrome (T7m). On the filling is actually the same ZWO 120 MC, even the drivers from it are suitable. As a universal camera for shooting planets and guiding it is better to take a color T7c. It is under the guide, as well as for shooting Venus in UV and IR, it is better to take a T7m monochrome. Included is an IR-cut filter and a wide-angle lens for shooting meteors.
Attention! Possible problems with Win 10 OS. With Win 7 or older it works correctly.

Astronomical camera T7c T7m

Eyepieces Explore Scientific Series 82°. Perhaps one of the best in terms of price / quality, has long received the status of “best-sellers”. Work well with fast telescopes. I myself have 3 eyepiece Explore Scientific – 11mm 82°, 24mm 68° and 30mm 82°, I am very pleased with them.
Explore Scientific 82 градуса купить недорого алиэкспрессLink:
68° series:

Atmospheric dispersion corrector ZWO ADC.

A very useful device for astrophoto planets with a color camera. Also recommended for visual observations of the planets. Eliminates the shift of color channels caused by atmospheric dispersion. On the “high” planets (40 degrees), the effect is not particularly noticeable, however, on low (30 degrees or less) the difference is obvious.

Link to the ADC in the official store ZWO:
My review:

Eyepiece 6 mm 66°. One of the most inexpensive wide-angle eyepieces. It has a large eye relief. It works well even with fast Newtons, without introducing noticeable distortions in the image even on the edge of the picture.

Окуляр 6 мм 66 градусовLink:

There are also versions 9, 15 and 20 mm. 9 mm is not bad, at the level of 6\66.
15 mm works well on slow telescopes (1: 8 … 1:14). For fast f\5 Newton it is better to look for Explore Scientific 16 mm 68°.

My review:

T-adapter. A useful accessory that allows you to connect a telescope and a DSLR camera if there is no T-thread on the telescope or Barlow lens.


Mini mounting plate. For handymans, it allows you to fix a telescope or camera on a dovetail mount. There is a photobolt under the tripod.
2016-06-29 13_46_23


Celestron zoom eyepiece with 8-24 mm focal length.
A good zoom eyepiece, field of view at 24 mm – 40°, at 8 mm – 60°. Pretty works on the Mak and Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, especially for sidewalk observations. The field of view is much larger than the budget 7-21 mm zoom.

Celestron Zoom 8-24Link:

My review:

High quality  achromatic Barlow  lens 2x with T-adapter. Useful accessory for visual observations, as well as for astrophotography of the Moon and planets. It has t-thread. The quality of this Barlow lens is much better than the complete plastic Barow.

Линза Барлоу 2х с Т-адаптером
My  review:

Eyepiece 32 mm 1.25″. Inexpensive viewing eyepiece, which is useful to obtain a minimum increase.

Окуляр 32 мм

Eyepiece 32 mm


Camera ZWO 120 MC. Excellent color camera for taking pictures of the moon, planets, the sun and bright nebulae. I used this camera for a long time, then I switched to 224 MC (same in terms of parameters, but more sensitive). Of the new cameras I advise you to pay attention to the 290 MC and MM.

Alas, the camera has already been discontinued, but its updated version of ZWO 120 MC-S with USB 3.0 is still on sale.

You can also look at another camera – for example, 224 MS or 290 MC.

My review:
My photos with camera ZWO 120 MC

Камера ASI ZWO 120 MC

Camera ASI ZWO 120 MC

Celestron X-Cel LX 7 мм

High-quality and wide-angle (60 °) eyepiece – works great even with fast telescopes. Pleasant pupil removal (14 mm), metal body, excellent blackening is a logical replacement for the short focus plossls. Recommend!

Celestron X-Cel LX 7 мм.

Celestron X-Cel LX 7 мм.

My review:

Laser collimator

2016-09-03 11_37_23

Cheap laser collimator for adjusting Newton telescope. For owners of short Newtons with a focus of 750 mm or less, they are not very necessary – the length of the arms is sufficient for alignment with ordinary cheshir. At the same time on long Dobsons may be useful. After purchase, you should check the alignment of the collimator itself. Also, a diagonal mirror must still be set up with ordinary Cheshire eyepiece, otherwise it will be unclear what.


Dew Heater Strip for a photo lens \ seeker \ big eyepiece. Powered by USB, there is a power regulator. It is better to give her 5B 2A, from 1A heats noticeably worse.

Filter for astrophotography Svbony CLS clip EOS. It works only with Canon mirror cameras (APS-C format). Does not work with Canon EF-S lenses. Excellent suppresses urban light pollution, highlighting the nebula. When using modified cameras and lens optics, it is desirable to use an external IR-cut filter.

Mount for green laser pointer type 301. Fits into the socket of the finder. Workmanship is excellent.


Finderscope Dovetail Slot Multi Function. Metal, with two clamping screws.


Power Adapter for Canon 450D 500D 1000D SLR Cameras. Works on USB.

Same power adapter for 550D 600D 650D 700D

Adapter T2 > Canon EF. It can be used to connect a Canon EF \ EF-S mount DSLR camera to a T-thread telescope.


Adapter Canon EF>T2. Used to connect Canon EF mount lenses to T2 threaded astro cameras. You can connect Canon EF lens, filter wheel, or T2>1.25″ adapter and another equpment.

Filter wheel for 9 positions. Fully metal.

Zenith mirror Svbony 1.25″
Inexpensive, but with good quality. I recommend to replace the complete prisms.

Telecentric 3x Barlow. Excellent quality. Does not change the eye relief, however, and does not accelerate the sleeves, as usual Barlow. Recommend!

Camera ASI ZWO 290 MC. One of the best color planetary astronomical camera. Suitable for shooting deepsky objects. I use it for about 3 years.

Erecting prism of 45 degrees. Without coating. Suitable for ground-based observations with refractors and catadioptrics.

Adapter Svbony T2>1.25″ with compression ring. I use in conjunction with the filter wheel and camera QHY5III178m.

Filter Solomark IR-UV cut 2″.  Cuts off infrared and ultraviolet rays.

Rare ring M42x1> M42x0.75 (T2). Made well, no complaints. Suitable for Soviet lenses such as Jupiter-37A.
M42x1 to M42x0.75 (T2) ringLink: