M8 “Lagoon” and M20 “Trifid” Nebulae in Sagittarius. May 13, 2018

On the night of May 12-13, 2018, I suddenly decided to get to the village of Supsekh for shooting. The weather was great, the wind was almost absent. I checked the USB heating pad for a photo lens in work – it works, there were no problems with dew, but a more capacious power supply was also needed for 5V 2A. The purpose of the attack was to photograph the vicinity of Antares and the M8 / M20 nebulae. Shooting was short, but quite productive.

Туманности М8 и М20, 13 мая 2018 года.
M8 “Lagoon” and M20 “Trifid” Nebulae in Sagittarius. May 13, 2018

-Samyang 135\2.0 ED Canon EF lens
-Canon 550Da camera
-Sky-Watcher Adventurer mount.
28 frames per 60 s, ISO 400.
Calibration and stacking at DeepSkyStacker, post-processing at PixInsight (noise reduction, background flatten, reducing star size, color balance).
Location: Russia, village Supseh.
Scale 100% – at link.
Special thanks to Alexander Sorokin from DS Astro Team for their help in processing the images.