1 stack vs 8 derotated stacks in WinJUPOS with wavelets

When shooting fast-rotating planets (Jupiter, Saturn) with color and monochrome cameras, the following limitation arises: the duration of shooting a single video clip should not exceed a few minutes. Due to the rapid rotation of the details of the planets blurred when added. This is especially critical when shooting with monochrome cameras, where very little time is left for shooting each channel. The program WinJUPOS allows you to compensate for the rotation of the planet, using several images as a texture and “pulling” them on a virtual globe.

У меня часто спрашивают, как добавить в Stellarium свой объект (например, комету или астероид).  Покажу на примере добавления кометы C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy.

Для тех, кто не в курсе: Stellarium – замечательный бесплатный астрономический планетарий. Скачать его можно по ссылке

This catalog contains links to the most useful astronomical programs. The list will be constantly updated.


Stellarium – most popular planetarium, free, simple and beautiful. Recomend for everybody! There is a paid version for devices on the Android platform
Jupiter 2
 – freeware program showing the position of the Great Red Spot of Jupiter and satellites. Do not forget to specify the current longitude of the GRS at the bottom of the program (Absolute Position On Jupiter (°))
StarCalc – another freeware planetarium with many features.
Redshift – paid computer planetarium-encyclopedia for a personal computer and iPhone \ iPad.
Cartes du Ciel – freeware planetarium.
Celestia – freeware planetarium with the possibility of traveling through the universe.
Space Enginerealistic 3D planetarium and simulator of the universe