SVBONY SV510 Travel Solar Scope 60mm review

I received an interesting solar telescope for testing – SVBONY SV510 Travel Solar Scope 60mm. This is a small lens telescope with a 60 mm objective lens and a built-in full-aperture solar filter. It is ONLY suitable for observing and capturing the Sun. As a lover of the Sun, I was very interested in this device, and the Svbony company kindly provided it to me for research.

SVBONY SV510 Travel Solar Scope 60mm


Item Name SVBONY 60mm solar telescope
Model SV510
Optical Design Refractive
Aperture 60mm
Focal length 400mm
Focal Ratio f/6.6
Objective lens type Achromatic doublet, air-spaced
Optical coatings Fully Coated
Solar Filters ISO certified polymer material , full aperture, permanently attached
Viewfinder Zero power Solar Safe Finderscope Type
Diagonal 1.25″ 90-Degree Mirror Diagonal
Eyepiece 1.25″ K20mm Eyepiece
Net weight 1985g
Package weight 2085g
Package Size 440*290*130mm

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