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Solar eclipse April 8, 2024

Will it be visible in Russia?
Technically, yes, the very edge of the eclipse passes through Alexandra Land, Arthur Island and Rudolf Island. But it’s not worth it. Or maybe it’s worth it – you will be the only people who will see this eclipse from the territory of Russia!

Where will it be visible from?
The eclipse map is below. The dashed line is the full phase strip.Карта солнечного затмения 8 апреля 2024 года

I’m in line of sight. How can I safely see the eclipse?
Be sure to use special protective filters so as not to damage your vision or equipment. Ways to observe and film safely are in the video below:

Should you be afraid of an eclipse? Will it have any impact on people’s daily lives?

Is it possible to do important things on April 8, make transactions, sew, drive a car, turn on the microwave?
Yes, I allow it

Eclipse stream:

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