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  1. Tst SVBONY SV215 zoom 3-8mm vs Nagler zoom 3-6mm Дата: прокомментировал(а):

    Hello, have you managed to do the SVBONY SV215 zoom 3-8mm vs Nagler zoom 3-6mm test yet?
    Thank you…

    • Hello! In general, the picture on the axis is about the same. Svbony has reflections on Jupiter and other bright planets at various focal lengths. They are not visible from Saturn/Moon/Sun. The Jupiter with Nagler had a reflections at one of the focuses (4 or 5 mm), I did not notice any glare in the other focal length. In the edges, the picture quality is similar. It seemed that the contrast of the Nagler is a little better (the background is darker), and the Nagler is a little better in terms of color rendering. But this is an engineering sample of the Svbony eyepiece – the version that is now on sale may be better.

      • Great, thank you very much for the comparison test and the separate test of the SVBONY SV215, even though it is “only” an engineering sample. I ordered one of these SV215 zoom eyepieces from Svbony, I’m waiting for delivery, then I’ll try it out.
        Thank you H.

        • I’m glad you liked my test. Yes, now the version on sale has been improved – judging by the reviews, the manufacturer has solved the problem of glare and parasitic glare, and also made the eyepiece shorter.

  2. Здравствуйте Уважаемый Star Hunter, у компании SVbony недавно вышла новая барлоу sv213. Не могли бы вы взять её на тест, очень интересно! Уменя есть барлоу sv136, она хорошая, но немного вносит сферичку (внефокалы без неё более ровные, а с ней разница во внефокалах чуток больше, это и Эрнест подтвердил). Интересно, будет ли новая барлоу sv213 качественнее чем sv136.