star-hunter.ru is a website dedicated to amateur astronomy and astrophotography. Created in 2015.

Main tasks of the site
– promouting of astronomy as a science and hobby among people
– help to a novice astronomer with the choice of a telescope and accessories
– demonstration of the capabilities of astronomical equipment
– astrophotography study
– saving, accumulation and spread of knowledge, while there is still time.

How to use the site
Navigation at site is provided through the main menu – it is located either at the top of the site (PC version) or on the right (mobile version).

The site is bilingual, most posts and articles are written in both Russian and English. To switch the site language, select the corresponding flag in the main menu.

Content usage
Almost all images and articles on this site are copyrighted. Copying site materials, as well as commercial use of site materials without permission from the author is PROHIBITED.

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